Why Choose Us

6 reasons to choose Pabutama Construction


Starting from the repairman, handyman, foreman, quality control, project manager and all levels of management filled with professional people


You can adjust the price we offer to you according to your budget without reducing the quality of the company's work in the slightest.

Maintenance Guarantee

After the work is completed we will provide a maintenance guarantee for 3 months as a form of quality maintenance


Transparency in construction work to regulate, prevent, and resolve all possibilities that occur in the procurement of goods and services processes

On time

We realize that time is very valuable for you, so punctuality in every job is the main goal of our company

Best Materials

The material of a building determines the building itself so we recommend that you use quality materials

Client Testimonial


Overall, Pakons work is very good. Exceeding expectations and satisfying, even if there are obstacles and inputs will be quickly controlled

PT. Yupi Indo Jelly Gum (architecture, structure, M/E work)

"Very Satisfied"

According to the schedule, whatever needs to be done they communicated to me first, I think it's a good thing, the end result is neat work.

PT. Kanefusa Indonesia Industrial (steel structure work)

"Very Satisfied"

The progress is very clear and the work is neat and professional.

Mrs. Soemaruk, SH (Villa house work)

"Very Satisfied"

In my opinion, it's like this, we already know how it works, the system, the way it works in the field, and the communication between Pakons and his field workers, for this company we want to use Pakons.

PT. Panca Karya Griyatama (Cikokol Wholesale Market work)

"Very Satisfied"

To be honest, I give the service an A or good value for Pakons, I give a very high appreciation for the teams, good job and im statisfied

PT. Pradani Sukses Abadi (Head Office work)

About us

PT. PABUTAMA KONSTRUKSINDO Was established in March 23 1995 under the Notaries Deed Darsono Ps of Jakarta, under the registration of Surat Pengesahan No. C-25817 HT.01.01. TH.2004 from Ministry of commerce and Trade of Indonesia.

Our Service

Provide the Best Service; Has been trusted for many years in the construction field.

Planning Works

Architecture, Structural, Interior, M & E


Building, Factory/Plant, Mill, Warehouse, Housing


Structural Design, Procurement, Architecture Design

Our Project

More than 20 years we here to serve you.

and another 100+ client
1000+ Projects Done
100+ Client Satisfied
500+ Partner

On going project

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